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My family and I have called Merritton home for more than 13 years. I appreciate the uniqueness and potential of the community. Collaboration with Merritton residents is the best way to grow our community.


Despite having long standing connections to Merritton I knew little about the community prior to buying a home here. Nearly fourteen years later, I am so glad to be here. Merritton is a unique community within St. Catharines with the potential to act as an example of a vibrant, thriving community. Together, we can grow Merritton.

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Smart Growth

Communities that include a mix of housing that people can afford with access to transit, amenities, and parks improve our quality of life, reduce urban sprawl, and protect vital green space. Dense, mixed-use, connected communities supports local economies and reduces travel times making more time for the things we value most.

Supporting Projects that Benefit Merritton

A number of projects have been initiated as part of growing Merritton. My Main Street provides funding to revitalize the Merritton neighbourhood. Environmental studies to assess a secondary access for Moffat Street and extend and improve Mountain, Merritt, and Chestnut Streets has begun. A Merritton splash pad has been provided by the city with construction slotted for 2023. I commit to supporting these projects and others that benefit the Merritton community.

Vibrant Neighbourhoods

Building vibrant, thriving neighbourhoods requires support from local government. Green spaces within walking distance of most homes, zoning regulations to promote small businesses in residential areas, financial supports for fresh food markets and community gardens, and investment in arts and social enterprises all help to build vibrant, thriving neighbourhoods.

Communication and Collaboration

Community consultation must be inclusive for it to be meaningful. Collaborating with current and potential residents on new developments, zoning changes, and community planning ensures outcomes that benefit the community.


I have had the privilege and opportunity to engage in life long learning. I graduated from Queen's University with a BA in Political Studies. Attending McMaster University I obtained a BA in Health Sciences, graduation from the Midwifery Education Programme. Most recently I completed my Master's in Applied Health Sciences at Brock University where I will be returning in September 2022 to begin my PhD. 


With a solid educational foundation I have benefitted from diverse employment experiences. I have worked as a registered midwife and childbirth education, learning facilitator for Niagara College's CICE program, teaching assistant, and research assistant. My community involvement includes board member of Down Syndrome Niagara, Chair of Buddy Walk Niagara and Go21, and co-organizer for Meridian Smiles Run, Walk, or Roll for Inclusion. I understand and appreciate the value of teamwork and collaboration.



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